Decorating with Houseplants


In the Pacific Northwest we love our greens: We eat green, we hike green, we live green. So why wouldn’t our homes be green too? Not only do plants add vibrancy to a space, but they help us breathe, help us heal, and aide in our personal growth.*

Plus, there’s the added bonus of keeping the dang thing alive, and luckily most houseplants are pretty easy to maintain: Water once a week, give it a touch of sunlight (or gray sky, since we must) and call it good.

Greens for Thought:

Succulents: These fellas come in many shapes and sizes. Blend together for a larger collection, or use in sets of one or two to add smaller touches here and there.

Cacti/Cactus: Ok, maybe don’t go this route if you have kids or curious pets (they will poke you). But if you aren’t worried about any collisions, this is an ideal option. Great for homeowners/renters who travel often and/or don’t spend much time at home. This plant is beyond low-maintenance and available in a wide variety of sizes. From large floor Cacti to a teeny-tiny-baby-cactus, this plant is as versatile as they come.

Floor Plants: Palms and Rubber Plants are a personal favorite, but there are endless styles to choose from. They are readily available at places like Home Depot and even Ikea – but don’t forget about the local options as well.

Images courtesy of Home Depot

Final Touch:
• The Vase, The Pot, The-pretty-thing-you-put-your-plant-in; Don’t forget about that, Because that can make or break the plant. This is where you can either make a statement, or glue an overall look together.

Get creative: this succulent was planted inside an Old Book…. uh, like, #KeepPortlandWeird, People.  

Simple and chic: a clay pot, placed in a fitted white bowl creates a simply undone look in this ethereal space.

Pop: Yellow vases against this black, minimalist space, offer a playful touch.

Black is the new Black: Dark vases always give a bold touch, and the juxtaposition of this dark against light, offers a powerful punch.

Compliment: Red and Green are complimentary colors, so when in doubt, know that red will always provide a flattering “Pow!”

Good luck, God Speed, and just know, there is no such thing as a green thumb.

There’s practice, there’s luck, and that’s it. You can do it.

*For more information on the health benefits of indoor plants click here