Scent + Our Top 3 Recommendations


When you enter a home, what do you notice first?

(ok you read the title) yes that’s right! The scent.

Growing up, I remember how much I enjoyed visiting friends who lived in homes that simply radiated the scent of baked goods and freshly dried laundry. These homes felt alive and instantly relaxed me as I stepped through the front door.

I also recall dreading visits to other homes; homes that were musky, stagnant, and sealed off. At one point, I recall visiting a Great Uncle back East who did nothing but smoke cigars inside. I was so distracted by the all-consuming stench, that I could not tell you a single thing about the look of his home, let alone our conversation.

Of course most of us do not live in either extreme. We live life. We pile up our sweaty gym clothes, we throw out banana peels, we occasionally burn things (please tell me I’m not alone here), we clean house, we take out the garbage, and we hope to God no one says “What’s that smell?” when they walk through our front door.

So you aren’t smoking cigars indoors but you also don’t have time to bake and do laundry on the daily, here’s what we recommend:

Fresh Air

All homes need circulation, and fresh air is our baseline for a great smelling home. Without proper circulation, things/dust/musk/scents find their way into crevices and lay dormant as they gain a certain stench of their own. So open the windows as much as you can, and let it flow.

Gentle Fresheners

Do shy away from aerosol sprays, plug-in diffusers, and non-soy candles; not only are these things tough on the environment, they’re tough on our bodies. Many people are offended and/or allergic to strong scents, and while you may love the scent… too much of a good thing, may just be too much for your guests.

Our Top Three Recommendation

1-Aromatherapy Diffuser: These are great in that they allow you to change they scent quite frequently. Perhaps an energizing citrus when you wake up in the morning, and a relaxing lavender to wind down in the evening. With about a Jillion-Bazillion oils to choose from, you will undoubtedly find plenty of scents that suit you.


2-Soy Candles: By removing the carcinogenic parabens which cause that persistent black smoke, you are gaining a gentler scent and a product that is easier on your body and home.


3-Reed Diffusers: Perfect for any room, just flip the sticks when you need a refresh.