Clei is Coming to Hip!

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The beauty of modern Italian style and the latest in furniture technology come together in Clei’s versatile, space-saving designs.

Hip is always looking for exciting new products to bring to our showroom for you. Our latest discovery is the clever, space-saving designs by the Italian company Clei.  We understand that many people who live in Portland or other metropolitan areas are often looking for multi-functional furniture that can help maximize space in smaller city apartments or condominiums.

Clei’s transforming home systems integrate beautifully into living, sleeping and working spaces.  They are perfect if you have a small space that needs to serve multiple functions, or if you are just looking for an extra guest bed that can be easily tucked away when not in use.  They even have a line designed specifically for growing kids!

Over the next few months we’ll be re-arranging our showroom to make room for the upcoming Clei installation, so you can check out our progress any time your in the store.  We are already showing some of their products on our website and we’ll be updating our blog, Facebook and website as the installation progresses.

Below are some pictures that offer a taste of what Clei can do. Watch how the spaces transform, and if you want to know more, just ask! Email, call or message us if you want more information about this or any of our great products.

This den shifts into a bedroom that can sleep up to two, and then three people. The space before the transformation begins includes a spacious office set up and comfortable sofa.

When guests come to spend the night the sofa easily transforms into a bed for one or two people.

And, if you need even more sleeping space, for example if your brother comes to visit with his wife and their son, the desk can also convert into a bed! And notice how the desk top moves up and stays level, so there’s no need to clear off your desktop!




In this room, a modern shelving and closet configuration flip around to open into an attractive bed.

Notice how the shelves and closet don’t need to come apart for the transformation to happen.

Voila! A beautiful bed complete with a headboard and without any of the uncomfortable dips that happen with sofa bed mattresses that spend all their time folded up inside the sofa.


These are only a few of the many unique configurations offered by Clei.  They offer a wide variety of many well designed, space maximizing solutions for your home.  Call or come into hip to find out more!