The Clei Installation Begins!

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The anticipation is building as we begin installing our new line of Clei products in the showroom floor.  We’ve dedicated over 4,000 square feet of our showroom to show-off Clei’s line of transforming, modular living and sleeping systems.  Think murphy beds like you’ve never seen them before.

This meant a lot of work for the staff here at Hip, after clearing out the space (not an easy task in itself as we didn’t want to lose any of the products we were showing there) we completely re-modeled that section of our showroom and put up new studs and dry wall.  We sanded, primed and painted and finally, FINALLY, are ready to start installing.

The shipment came in early this week and our boys, along with a specialist from New York are hard at work putting together and installing an impressive variety of Clei systems.  Follow our progress on this blog or come in and see for yourself!

Here’s the space half way through the re-model.  This back area used to show mostly dining pieces and some sale items.  Now that Clei is here it’s likely to be one of the busiest spots of our store!

Marshall and Andrew hard at work priming the new drywall.

The space is ready and all the boxes have arrived! The guys are unpacking and starting to put together the first pieces.

Still a lot of boxes to go, but they’ve finished the left corner and have fully installed two bed systems.

Kirk, explaining some of the different features of this new bed system.