This is Portland.

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This is Portland. Food carts, craft beer, and a thriving indie music scene. The city of roses has a lot going for it. And like a talented but shy singer-songwriter, Portland doesn’t quite know how to take the compliment. Success can be overwhelming but it’s not surprising for a town fueled by beer and coffee. It’s definitely a lot of responsibility for us Portlanders being viewed as trendsetters but one thing’s for sure, Portland is hip and it’s going to stay that way.

This is what we at Hip furniture want to emphasize. That together we the people are keeping Portland hip. In a city wide sense, we have Portland’s “living room” at Pioneer Square where we can enjoy concerts, discuss social issues, and celebrate the annual tree lighting. But our contribution to the Portland legacy is on a more personal level. We want to be a part of the individual Portlanders living room. It’s in our personal living space where conversations take off. Where business ideas are projected, and where relationships ignite, (the loveseat was given its name for a reason). Anyone who has visited Portland will say that the city has it’s own personal vibe. Portland exudes a sort of uniqueness which can’t be rivaled. At Hip, we intend to apply this innovation and individuality to your personal living space. We’re not just another furniture store. We’re Portland’s source of modern, furniture.

We live in a beautiful city. Mt. Hood with its outstreched forest surrounds us on the horizon. The bridges over the Willamette each have their own personality, and the maze, which makes up Powell’s books encourages us to explore literature which we may otherwise have overlooked. Every ounce of Portland can be diagnosed with hipness. From the music we listen to, to the furniture we occupy. As individuals, every one of us plays a part in what makes Portland great.

So we want to say thank you.
Thank you for keeping Portland hip!


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