Hosting a Sensory Holiday Party Experience

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The Holidays have arrived and a New Year is approaching fast. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or just ‘Festivus for the rest of us’, there are parties to be had. You may even find yourself hosting one, in which case you’ll want to be prepared. The atmosphere and mood of a party may seem fickle and hard to predict but what ultimately makes a successful holiday party are elements that stimulate and charm our senses. By creating a sensory experience and applying the right sights, sounds, and smells, your party can induce feelings of relaxation, coziness, holiday cheer, and most importantly, good times had by all. Make the most out of your holiday parties this season by creating a sensory experience.



The holiday party you’re throwing should be visually stimulating and compliment your living space. To give your party a classy vibe, avoid the red plastic cups of your college party days and invest in some elegant stemware for cocktails and sturdy mugs for warm beverages. As guests arrive, offer to take their coat for them. This cold December weather requires a certain amount of bundling up and it certainly wouldn’t do to have pea coats and scarves littered across your furniture. Even if you have to clear out a closet to make room, it’s worth the effort.

There is nothing more warm and inviting than firelight. For your holiday party, keep the electricity dimmed and add candles to the mix. If you have a fireplace, break out the yule log. People tend to gravitate toward a warm hearth.



Leave the novelty Christmas music for when you’re at the super market. Music should be subtle and remain in the background so conversations can flow. Smooth jazz is always appealing but if you want something more contemporary, She & Him and Pink Martini have stellar Christmas albums which are always a safe bet.

There are a wide variety of sounds that bring a smile to party guests. Cocktail shakers at work, champagne corks being popped, the clinking of glasses after a toast is made, these details while minor, contribute to a memorable experience.



Not only are candles great for lighting but they emit lovely scents as well. Gingerbread, peppermint, and Douglas fir are all festive scents, but stay consistent. For the same reason it’s taboo to wear more than one cologne or perfume, you should never have candle scents clashing with each other. You don’t want to overpower your guest’s olfactory senses. The combination of a good candle and your stellar holiday cooking should be more than enough to make a good impression.

And with that, your holiday party just became that much more festive. Have a great Holiday season and Happy New Year!