Reaching Performance Status with the Re-vive Recliner

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Performance is a unique word. Not only is it defined as a presentation or an accomplishment but it can be tacked on to anything which fulfills and surpasses its intended goal. Something is deemed as reaching “performance” status when it excels at its purpose. Performance cars make earth shattering speed records. Performance watches prove the precision and accuracy of authentic Swiss movement. And now Natuzzi is proud to introduce the world’s first performance recliner, ushering in a new era of comfort and relaxation.


The Re-vive recliner intuitively responds to the movement of your body. It works without adjusting anything whatsoever. So consider the days of the traditional lever operated recliners just another chapter in the history books. Natuzzi understood that relaxation takes many forms and it doesn’t always involve sitting still. Our bodies are designed to move, stretch, flex and adjust. The combination of quality craftsmanship and leading edge ergonomic technology is what makes the world’s first performance recliner so unique.

The ability to flex and adjust to the contour of your body, provides seamless transitions between sitting positions. Imagine going from an upright sitting position to a laid-back reclining position in one simple fluid motion. The responsiveness of the recliner is very attentive and it can even evoke a sense of weightlessness through a slight rocking motion in both upright and reclined positions. The swivel base freely spans a 360-degree movement and the tilting ottoman effortlessly supports your legs and feet while aiding circulation. Not only does it work great but the Re-vive recliner simply looks astounding. It’s tailored coverings are , is available in two sizes, and comes in a diverse range of contemporary colors to suit your personal preferences. In both classic and modern homes, the Re-vive recliner will be a welcome addition.


Focus on functional comfort and elegant design is what Natuzzi has been known for. The movements of your body are taken care of during every moment of your relaxation. With no levers to pull and no buttons to press, Re-vive is setting new standards for furniture design. Comfort and relaxation are essential for the modern home and the Natuzzi Re-vive recliner is a staple for those living the “performance” lifestyle.

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