Cleaning for Spring: Reasons for now, not later

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It’s been a long, rewarding winter and finally we’re beginning to awkwardly flirt with that big orange thing in the sky which shows up every now and then. It’s here — Spring, primavera, rebirth! With all the excitement happening outdoors we can’t neglect bringing that sense of rejuvenation into our living spaces. Here are our top approaches as to how you can best tackle your spring cleaning this 2016!



1. Organization

Holiday goodies galore.

In what seems like ages ago now – in your holidaze stupor of new toys and gadgets, you forgot that there’s no place to put them! Instead of keeping your newer gifted goodies in the “temporary places” they’ve been living the last few months, integrate them into your home. Spring cleaning is more than just chasing dust bunnies; it’s about constructing your space from the place that you’ve been hibernating to the space you think, grow, and make in. Be a seedling this winter and get growing early!

2. Health

Fight sickness and continue powering through your new workout resolution.

Sickness happens. Germs, sneezes, coughs…all the things winter can be — but everyone knows the best way to fight the flu is to get moving! Keep your body and mind in motion by putting these cleaning plans into action. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve already been slacking on those resolutions (yeah, remember those?) to assimilate into that gym lifestyle. Put some spring in your step and knock two things off that list at once!


3. Intuition

Spring will happen faster than you know, and you’ll want to play outside instead of clean.

Don’t get us wrong, snowy wonderlands and hot cocoa are beautiful elements of the season of giving — but that’s so 2015! Have you started dreaming about green leaves budding? Or maybe throwing on a light sweater instead of that woolly fleece? Then you will want to make sure you get this special head start on the big clean this winter — since it’s obvious you’re all ready for that sweet spring life! Give yourself that extra time this spring by preparing now.


4. Productivity

Home is where the heart is…well it’s where you most likely are when it’s cold out.

In the remaining winter months you’re more likely to prefer the warmth of your home over the chills of the rain, sleet, and snow. Even if you’re doing the math in your head right now about how much of your time is spent at work each day — home is your ending destination. Waking up, coming home, and going to sleep in a cluttered space can become a mental obstruction. Know that your mental productivity is directly linked to your physical surroundings. So accommodate your successful self with a space of efficiency and productivity.


5. Inspiration

A happy home is a happy heart.

Make your home the happy place you want it to be. As much as we love finding adventure and exploring new places — a home is a reflection of the self. Setting yourself up for inspiration at any point could lead to the next creative moment you have. Inspire yourself by crafting your home into a space, which makes you happiest. No magazine layout will be a ‘one size fits all’ for the home, so don’t even try. Take inventory on what you need to succeed in a happy space, whether it’s organizing bins, brighter lights in dark corners, or a comfy chair to have more reading time.

Now that you’re inspired, let’s help prepare!