Farewell Hillary!!

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We could spend hours raving about our fantastic customer base or the spectacular brands we get to collaborate with, but right now we’d like to highlight a passionate, outgoing individual that has always gone the extra mile to help your living space become everything you’ve aspired it to be. Hillary has been an integral part of Hip and now she’s moving on to write her next chapter! Here are some thoughtful words, memorable photos and maybe even some inside jokes of her time here at Hip.

My thoughts on Hillary, “Hillary in three words… well maybe 4. Brains, Beauty, Baked Goods. The real triple threat.
– Marshal (co-worker)

Hillary, what can I say:
It has been great working with you, we/I will miss your smiling face and pleasant voice,
Stay in touch and good luck with the upcoming WINTER !
– Stig (Calligaris)


All too often, retail store owners say “finding good people and keeping them, becomes the most difficult part of running a business, particularly in retail.” I have to say though, that the people that make up Hip are some of the best I have ever encountered. Of course not every day and every person is perfect, but when a team of individuals work together and share a common goal, it becomes about as close to perfection as possible. Hillary has been no exception to this very true reality at Hip. Hillary brought integrity, an ability to listen, a true sense of teamwork and the consistency of a personality that just got better every day. It’s both a happy and sad day when we realized that it was time for Hillary to head back home to be near family. I guess all of us at Hip sort of expected it from the get go, but simply chose to take in all the great Hillary time we could get each and every day. We all wish her well in her future endeavors and will take her back in a moment, should she realize that her working family at Hip is simply too difficult to be away from, ha ha. That probably won’t happen, but it’s true that she will always be welcome back.
– David Haleston (Keeper of the hipsters)


From all of us at Hip, farewell Hillary! Good luck in all your future endeavors! Now we’d like to warmly welcome the newest member of the Hip team, Lauren! Get ready Portland! Lauren has a knack for helping your living space achieve its inspirational zenith!