How To: Punch up your Home for Spring

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As winter comes to a close this month, it’s time to celebrate the renewal of spring and all that the season has to offer. Here in Portland it goes without saying that we had a particularly rough winter, so we have all the more reason to welcome this Spring with arms wide open.

Difficult winter or not, I am a big believer in celebrating each changing season and reflecting that in my own home. Many of you are already on board with Pumpkins, bats, and cob-webs in October, as well as the bright lights shimmering through December, but what about the rest of the year? (And no, I’m not suggesting kitchy twinkly lights and glitter covered everything).

Each season is different, and I find that Spring calls for bright colors and fresh florals. Below are a few suggestions on refreshing your home for the season, while avoiding the kitchy, aforementioned décor, saved exclusively for the major holiday months:

Brighten up your dining room: Brightly colored placemats, greens, blues, shades of white, and any color that speaks to you (and your space). Also consider cloth napkins in complimentary colors finishings. If you’re really into it, consider a brighter, lighter set of dining chairs. If you do decide on a new set of chairs, choose something that is stackable so you can store them away during the colder months. And if you don’t want to commit to a full set, consider just changing out the two chairs at each head of your table.

sorbet “Sorbet” By Chilewich

Kartell-Masters-Stacked-350x350“Masters” by Kartell

Brighten up your floors: New floor Mats are a great opportunity to bring in pops up color. Go with a lighter shade, or be bold and go for color. This is also a great chance for you to take out the mats of winter and give them a wash before you store them away for the season.

skinny shag“Skinny Stripe Shag Bright Multi” by Chilewich

Change out your art: We all have pieces that we love keeping up year round, but if you have a couple works that you have grown tired of staring at all winter, consider brining in a pop of color with a new piece here or there.

Lime-Green“Lime Green” by Deanna Lautenbach

Punch up the sofa: Sofas are simple; all you need is to switch your pillows and add a light throw, ta da! It’s pillow

Pillows by EQ3

Get Outside (because you can!): As you breathe in the fresh air of spring, you’ll need somewhere to sit down and rest (or at least rest your drink). A brightly colored chair and cube should do the trick.


“Hero” by Calligaris, Indoor/Outdoor, Stackable


“Mini Basketweave Vinyl Cube” by Chilewich

There are so many places to brighten up your home that are low-cost and low commitment: Brightly colored bed sheets, a new duvet cover, fresh flowers, clear vases, spring-scented candles (whatever that scent is to you), and updated towels (admit it, the ones you have are looking a little raggedy anyway).