Sectional or Sofa, that is the question.

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So, you need somewhere new to lounge, and you’ve hopped online to do a little research…. and…. now you’re overwhelmed.








What the heck is all this verbiage? And what happened to the good ol’ couch?

Ok, here we go:

Sofa: This is your standard, straight-line piece. Oh, and a sofa is a couch, and a couch is a sofa. Why we in the furniture world say “sofa” more often than “couch”, I’m not certain, but that’s just how it is, alright?

SOFA final*1. Sofa

Sectional: This is usually a big “L” shape; sometimes even a “U” shape. Sectionals can be big or small, but generally run on the large side. They can have arms on each end, but often there is an arm only on one end, and a chaise or return on the other end.

L Shape *2. L-Shape

U shape*3. U-Shape

Sectional with Chaise: When a sofa has an extended area for your legs on one end (essentially like an attached ottoman) that is called a sectional with chaise.

chaise*4. Sofa with Chaise

Sectional with Return: Similar to a chaise, but different; a return piece is an L-shaped extension that also has an arm running about half way down with a “bumper” (basically an attached ottoman) on the end.

Return*5. Sofa with Return

Now that that’s cleared up, let’s find out which one is right for you:

Firstly, size matters. How large is your space? Can it handle a large sectional? And even if it can physically hold that size, how much space does it take up visually? You want to be certain that you have plenty of space for you and your guests to move around comfortably.

Next, how long do you plan to stay in your current home? A large sectional may be perfection in the room you are shopping for, right now. However, if you plan to move anytime soon, the chances of that piece fitting just right in your new space are slim to none. A sofa is always the safe bet when you don’t know if a move is in your near future or not.

Finally, commitment: So you have the space physically as well as visually, and you love where you live; you don’t see yourself moving anytime soon, but are you ready to commit? Unless your home is the size of a gym (I’m exaggerating, well… sort of), then choosing a sectional means choosing one configuration for as long as you own the piece. If you’re ready to commit, then go for it! But if you need the ability to switch things up from time to time, a sofa is the way to go.

“But Lauren, I need versatility and a lot of seating!” you say.

Oh my friend, “just buy two sofas!” I say…or buy a sofa and a loveseat….
…or a sofa and chairs… or a sofa and… well, practically anything you can rest your bum on.

Yes, it takes a bit more curating to go the route of selecting multiple pieces instead of signing up for just one big piece; but if that’s what you find yourself needing or wanting versatility, it’s worth the extra effort.

As always, please remember that our staff is here 7-days a week, to help you curate that perfect space.

Images Courtesy of Della Robbia
*1. Cordoba
*2. Julia
*3. Avalon
*4. Taylor
*5. Derek