Soap & Water

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Clients regularly ask us how to clean their furniture and we have one simple answer: soap & water.

We know that glass calls for glass cleaner and leather calls for the occasional conditioning, but our general rule will always be soap and water. It’s of European influence that we gained this novel insight, and we have to say, it works. The idea is simple, environmentally sound, and will keep your furniture lasting longer.

Think about it: looking at your cleaning products right now, how many would you feel comfortable inhaling up-close? Probably not too many, and the fact is that if you don’t want to inhale it, neither does your furniture. The chemicals in most commercialized cleaning products are very harsh on surfaces. And while this type of wear is something you won’t notice right away, it is something that will eat away at your furniture much more quickly than alternatively using gentle soap and water.

A mixture of 1 ounce of your favorite dish soap per gallon of warm water will do the trick for most clean ups

So grab your bucket….

We believe in all things hip and this fella from Target fits the bill

…a gentle dish soap..

Mrs. Meyers is the only soap we use at hip and at home

and white scrubbing towels.

Use white towels so color won’t bleed from towels, onto your upholstery.