Natuzzi’s Two Unique Approaches to Leather Upholstery

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There’s something leather upholstery conveys that other fabrics and coverings just can’t.

Leather, much like a wine, gains notoriety with age and improves in appearance as the year’s pass. Leather’s natural flexibility lets it adapt to the shape of your body allowing the utmost comfort. As the world’s leading producer of Italian leather sofa’s, Natuzzi has been mastering the art of leather upholstery since 1959.

Selected from the best hides in the world, Natuzzi upholsteries are available in a wide range of colors. Each goes through a rigorous process through Natuzzi’s tanneries and is sure to pass tests of durability, strength, and comfort. What most people don’t know about Natuzzi is that they give you the option of choosing between two unique families of leather upholstery: Natural and Protecta.

The soft, velvety aesthetic of Natuzzi Natural leather is treated to leave intact the original characteristics of the hides. You’ll notice that the variations in grain, veining and color shades guarantee that the natural beauty of the leather remains unaltered. Natuzzi’s elegant Natural leather upholstery is ideal for people who love and cherish the refined elegance of natural interiors.

Soft and gentle, yet strong and durable, Protecta leathers are coated with a thin protective film enriching the leather for superior performance and shielding them from stains without affecting their beauty. Protecta leathers are especially suitable for furniture that undergoes intensive usage. If you have kids or pets, Protecta leathers just might be the option for you.

Drop by our showroom to find out which type is best for you! Our Summer Leather Sale is on through July 15th so you better hurry!