Speaking the Language of Leather


In the fashion world, leather fades in and out with the trends but when it comes to interior design, leather is timeless.

You don’t have to drape yourself in leather-clad outfits like the Wild One or the Lizard King to show your appreciation for this stylish, comfortable material. Let your living space express it for you. No matter what your taste in interior decorating is, including a leather piece to your living space can give it a bold richness and sense of vitality.


It’s simple. Leather stands the test of time and only gets better with age. Leather upholstery is often considered an investment because of its long-lasting comfort. Choosing leather over a fabric upholstery can easily double the life expectancy of a chair or sofa and when compared to fabric, leather is difficult to tear and easy to clean.


In modern design, texture is often an overlooked element and yet it’s responsible for adding so much to the depth of a space. Your living space can go from bland to enticing by simply introducing contrasting textures and diverse colors to its layout. A leather piece is a great way to accentuate this technique. By including a buttery-soft leather chair to a room full of coarse fabric furnishings and wood-grain accents, a space develops a nice texture palate. For some, traditional brown or black leather furnishings give off a masculine aesthetic. If you want a softer, more feminine approach try using pale colors such as ivory, cream, gray, or blue.

If you’re new to leather furnishings, we’re here to answer all questions you may have. Consider us experts on the subject. Visit our showroom now through July 15th to take part in our Summer of Leather Sale!