What Your Record Collection Can Do For Your Living Space.

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The well-balanced living space is forward thinking and yet has a touch of the past.

One way to achieve this is through the iconic record turntable. This music device has survived through the compact disc and the digital era, and is now considered a quintessential piece of music culture and class. Nothing says timeless like pulling a record out of its sleeve, setting the dial, dropping the needle and then hearing the warm crackle followed by smooth analog music.

With fantastic stores such as Music Millennium and Jackpot Records, Portland is a city that cherishes the power a good record collection can give your home. In the age of Spotify, a record is the ultimate physical embodiment of the music you’re listening to. The artwork and liner notes can really connect you with the artist as you listen. The only problem with records is that as your collection grows you develop the mindset that you can’t have too many. This is where the proper storage and shelving in your living space can be a lifesaver. Check out the following pieces to give you some inspiration on how to store¬†your record collection.

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