Living with Pets (and why it’s a good thing)


Every week, without fail, a client walks in spewing, “I’m looking for a sofa BUT I have {cats/dogs}.” Acting as if, because you have furry friends, that you are destined to live on a sleeping bag in the living room, unable to ever host an adult party again.

Well guess what, you can roll up the sleeping bag and put it back in the attic where it belongs.

Having pets is actually a gift, it’s part of what makes your house a home. As much as the glossy images of Architectural Digest (or Instagram, for that matter) lead us to believe that we should be all fancy and shiny all the time, the truth is that we don’t live in a magazine, and the hard truth about residential design is that comfort comes first, not aesthetic.

Did you hear me? Comfort first, looks second.
I’m not saying you have to choose one or the other, I’m just saying you have to prioritize my friend.

One of our favorite clients in the IMG Space Recliner

Pets have a way of putting a home at ease. They make us give up on perfection (as much as we may try to fight it) and accept that we’re just, kind of living. A home should always be slightly undone, it puts guests at ease as well as the homeowner; so let a little fur fly, grab your martini, and watch those cushions squish down, because there is comfort in letting go.

If you need help finding the most pet friendly finishes, we are here to help! And no, there is nothing that is totally scratch resistant, nor 100% stain resistant. But thats what the pros are for; and should you need advice on who to contact when something gets scratched, stained, or pulverized – we can help you with that too.

Below our some of our own fur babies, enjoy:

Aaron’s Dogs Gertie and Gus
Gertie at the Beach
Rachel’s newest addition, Baby Bella
Morgan’s Dog, Phoenix
Lauren’s Family Cat, Mein
Lauren’s Family Dog, Taylor