Northwest Design and Wood Textures: A Love Affair

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As people of the Pacific Northwest, we’re proud of our heritage.

But as fans of modern design, some of us hit a roadblock when it comes to merging the two into our interior design. An Eames Chair surrounded by axes, saws and taxidermied animals doesn’t quite feel right unless you’re some sort of Bond villain. To get a proper balance, let’s take a look at The Doug Fir Lounge.

In what they describe as “somewhere between ‘Twin Peaks’ and a chic cosmopolitan truck stop”, the Doug Fir is a swank, comfortable restaurant/lounge that draws influence from 1950’s modernism and the woodwork of the PNW. If you’ve ever been there then you’ve experienced how the interior provides the coziness of a log cabin with the design of a Frank Lloyd Wright living room. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, drop by for some food, drink, and local music.

One of the primary ways the Doug Fir communicates northwest culture is simply through the use of wood grains. Wood is traditional, beautiful, and a great way to add texture and depth to your living space. Check out some of these pieces and picture how they could add depth to your space.


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