Recliners: Yes, you can own one. No, it doesn’t have to be hideous.


For most people, the thought of purchasing a recliner elicits inner conflict that goes something like this:

Well, I do want to be comfortable… but does this make me old? Am I like, super old now? What will my friends say if they see it? Is this going to ruin my entire esthetic? This is definitely going to ruin my entire esthetic. I’m definitely old now. I can’t do this.

*enter cross expression*

Let’s rewind: You want to be comfortable.

With the invention of Netflix, Hulu, and every device, ever, we are spending more and more of our time sitting down. So it’s all the more that we should find furniture that supports our whole body.

So how do we achieve optimum comfort without sacrificing style? We have an answer: The Space Chair and Ottoman by IMG.

This mid-century stunner is available in a wide variety of leathers and fabrics, as well as varied wood options for the arms. Click here to find out more about functionality and finish options.

Check out the models currently on our floor:

White Leather and Walnut

Black Leather and Walnut

Graphite Leather and Walnut