A Change in Office Lifestyle Deserves a Change in Workspace Design

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If you haven’t noticed already, we put a lot of emphasis on your living space.

And why shouldn’t we? Your home should provide you with inspiration and comfort at any moments notice. But what about your workspace? While inspiration and comfort are important to the design of any space, focus, functionality, and efficiency are what need to be considered in the design of a productive workspace.

In the past few decades, business culture has gone through a transformation. We’ve seen business culture go from a rigid, corporate background toward a modern ethos that supports productivity through employee happiness. The 9 to 5 workday is now competing with ‘flexible hours’. Formal attire is no longer as frugal as the office days of yore. And isolated cubicles are being replaced by open workspaces that promote collaboration. With a change in office lifestyle comes a change in workspace design. This is where we’d like to provide some inspiration.

Modern furniture at its core is streamlined, functional, and simple. With the right combination of furnishings, a workspace can become a place where focus, creativity, and collaboration thrive. No matter how you make a living, these workspace snapshots are sure to raise a few eyebrows.

If you feel your office/workspace needs a touch of modern, we can help!