Blending Modern Design With the Ancient Art of Feng Shui

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Think that designing your living space using an ancient Chinese custom is a little too mystifying for you? You might want to reevaluate your space after learning more about the principles of Feng Shui.

It’s been said that your environment shapes you, whether or not you are aware of its outcome. Much like a mirror, the home is a reflection of the self. People with chaotic, cluttered living spaces often have disorganized and tumultuous lifestyles. The purpose of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, literally translated to ‘wind water’, is to align your environment with who you are. To fuse your energy with your home’s energy creating a sense of harmony. The ancient Chinese believed that everything has energy, even inanimate objects. The art/discipline of feng shui helps guide that energy and let it flow freely throughout your home. Combined with the elegance and simplicity of modern interior design the ancient practice of feng shui can customize a home that is uniquely you. Harnessing the potential of the feng shui living space is something that may take some dedication and practice. There’s most likely an entire bookshelf at Powell’s dedicated to those who seek its benefits. But we have several tips help you and your living space find its harmony.

Feng Shui Begins at the Front Door

The front entrance of your home gives off first impressions to your guests. The idea is to encourage flow by creating an inviting, appealing, and welcoming atmosphere as you enter. There are many ways to go about doing this. A modest side table with a lamp for illumination or a main entry rug is a great place to start.

Harmony In the Living Room

The living room is often one of the busiest areas of your living space. The feng shui living room is well lit and has a good balance of natural and ambient lighting. The way you arrange your furniture should develop pathways and encourage conversation. A good layout of sofa, chairs and coffee table are essential to the positivity of the living room.

Vitality in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the keys to a happy relationship and a restful nights sleep. Alluring yet calming, the feng shui bedroom should be a peaceful retreat from the stresses of daily life and whether you’re taking a short nap or hoping to get your 8 hours in, a good feng shui bedroom will promote love, healing, and relaxation. Consider having your bed approachable from both sides with bedside tables on each side. This creates a sense of symmetry that produces a balanced, calming effect.

There’s much to learn from blending the age-old practice of feng shui with the modern design of the contemporary living space. If you have any questions or want suggestions for your living space, don’t hesitate to drop by our showroom!