Sage Advice on Color, Texture, Material and Picking the Right Upholstery for your Furniture

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We’ve heard the same old story time and time again.

You’ve finally decided on the perfect furniture for your living space. A sectional and loveseat for the living room, a sturdy reading chair for the corner of your bedroom. You’re confident that they’ll fit your living space perfectly the way the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle reveals the complete picture. But then one word comes up: upholstery. Color, texture, material.. when it comes to upholstery, we have options.

Many options.

The vast amount of choices you can make in picking the right fabric for your furnishings can be quite daunting. Textured or solid? Bold color or neutral? There are so many possibilities to express yourself while setting the tone of a room with upholstery. At Hip, we have a passion for helping you find the perfect upholsteries for your furniture. Upholsteries that compliment and balance your personal living space. The next time you visit our showroom, our team of designers is ready to listen to your needs and lend the advice you need to develop the inspirational living space you’ve always dreamed of. In the meantime, these renowned interior designers have some sage advice when it comes to choosing the right upholsteries for your space.

“Picking upholstery can be both fun and challenging. The first thing I take into consideration is where the piece is going — if the item is going into a high-use room, then I try and pick a fabric that is durable and will wear well, and often in a darker color palette. If the item is larger, then I like to pick a more neutral fabric so that it doesn’t dictate the rest of the room. Smaller pieces are where I like to add both pattern and texture. Using bold fabric on accent chairs can really transform a room, but are easier to change out should trends evolve” – Kirsten Blazek

“When choosing upholstery there are several factors you will want to consider. Are you wanting to make a statement or are you looking for something more subtle? While statement furniture has a time and a place, neutral upholstery can be easier to work with if you ever want to change up your look. Remember that neutrals can be dressed with bold accent pillows and throws to change throughout the seasons. You’ll also want to consider the “livable” factor. Do you have kids or pets? Choose an upholstery that is fitting to the space. A formal room that doesn’t get a lot of traffic may be able to handle a light colored fabric, while a well-loved family room might need something that is more durable and functional, like leather. A well-thought-out upholstery choice can lead to a piece of furniture that you will love for years to come!” – Katie Blythe

“After considering the function, pay close attention to tone and texture. I find that to achieve an airy feel, it is best to stick with light textures like linen or cotton. For a more collected look, mix various textures together in one space – look for velvet, wool, and leather to pair with your light pieces” -Shea McGee

“First ask who you are designing for and how do they really live? When thoughtfully considered, the specifics of form, scale, and fabric selections will come with ease and ensure a result that is most comforting to the spirit. In the end, it only looks as good as it feels… so focus on comfort and quality above all else” – Ashli Mizell

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