Your Nursery, The Hip Way


Pregnancies always seem to come in waves, and we sure are riding one at Hip! Some women are walking in, about to pop, while others simply beam as they ask us, “Do you have any rockers?”

Although we don’t offer a large selection of nursery-specific furniture, we do have one model that leaves most Moms (and their partners) saying “That’s it, that’s the one.”

I’m talking about the Sparrow Glider by Gus* Modern.

Glider $999, Ottoman $399, End Table $399

What makes the Sparrow Glide Different than other Gliders:

  • Clean, narrow lines: Ideal for small spaces and Modern decor
  • Four shades of commercial-grade (aka. heavy-duty and baby-resistant) upholstery options
  • Two layers of lumbar support: one in the shape of the frame, and the other in the form of a small pillow. For those late nights and long days, it’s good to know your low back will have support options!
  • Ottoman may be purchased separately, in case the rocker is all you need
  • Great Price: $999 for Glider, $399 for Ottoman

For the Hippest baby in town

Finish Options:

Looking for a partner to go with your glider? 

Carmichael Chair $1150
The Sparrow Glider was designed after the Carmichael chair, so it offers the same frame as the sparrow (just stationary, and slightly wider).

GT Rocker $1150
This rare, modern Rocker, offers unique movement with relaxed frame.

Halifax Chair $1150
The Halifax chair is essentially the stationary version of the GT Rocker. With a low, lounging back, and mint finish, this chair is aching to polish up your nursery.

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