Celebrating Mid-Century Modern like it’s 1994!


Celebrating Mid-Century Modern like it’s 1994!

Portland, Oregon. Mid-Decade 1990’s. Vera Katz was a first term mayor. The Rose Garden was under construction (long before anyone heard of Moda Center!). And HIP Furniture opened its doors to become Portland’s home for Mid-Century Modern furniture.

While Portland spent the mid ’90s ushering in the era of tech and artistry that put our city on the national map, Hip Furniture was starting its journey to become the city’s premier storefront for Mid-Century Modern furniture that reflects our hometown’s cozy but forward thinking aesthetic. Through the ‘90s we watched Portland’s transition into a bike friendly city under Mayor Vera Katz, we saw the first wave of farmers markets serve up local produce, and we saw the construction of iconic landmarks like the Rose Garden Arena (now the Moda Center) ― all from our snug nook in the Northwest.

In our 24 years of service, we grew along with Rip City. We added a well-rounded and uniquely luxurious selection of the best Mid-Century Modern brands that reflect our taste, and just as importantly, we fostered a staff that understands the needs of our customers. Our services have greatly expanded from simply selling our favorite furniture to helping each customer conceptualize and create the perfect, Mid-Century Modern space from their imagination. And our work doesn’t simply end after the sale. Our staff knows the ins and outs of every stick of furniture we stock, and we’ll be ready to answer any lingering questions long after our furniture has become a lovely part of your home or work space. From helping you plan interior layouts from scratch, to scheduling orders and getting your Hip Furniture into its new home safely, soundly, and comfortably, we’ll be with you every step of your expedition into Mid-Century Modern Furniture.

Here’s to another decade celebrating our favorite design movement in our favorite city ever. We love you Portland!