Making Beautiful Music With You For 24 Years


“24 and there’s so much more” – Neil Young

Anniversaries are for reflections. They’re for looking back on how far you’ve come but also scoping out what’s next on the horizon. As our 24th anniversary steadily crept up on us, we’ve had plenty of time for reflections on how far we’ve come as a local business. The role that Hip plays in this beautiful city of ours is small, yet integral. We’re reminded of a quote by Paul Rand:

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”

Over the past 24 years, we’ve developed a repertoire of helping our clients by making the design process as streamlined as possible. Our talents lie in finding out what you want to communicate through your space and then providing you with the options, resources, and guidance to make it what you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a new apartment, a finished basement, a hotel lounge or a new cocktail bar, Hip has the vision and expertise to get your space looking the way you’ve always dreamed.

Portland has undergone some drastic changes in the past 24 years. If you’re a Portland local then you know what we’re talking about. While trends will come and go, Modern Design has established itself as a timeless aesthetic. The relationship between style and function endures and we’re so happy to continue helping Portlanders create living spaces that inspire.

As we celebrate 24 years of helping our amazing customers discover modern design that’s made for living, it seems more than appropriate that our 24th anniversary is called the ‘Musical Anniversary’. Music touches the heart and soul in the same way that modern design touches the heart of our customers. When Neil Young sings “24 and there’s so much more” in the classic folk-rock tune ‘Old Man’, we share the same optimism of what the future holds for us.

We’re excited for the next 24!