Hip to be Curved


It’s All About the Curves.

Curvature can often accentuate the modern side of mid-century modern furniture. Soft bends and “U” shapes in our sofas, chairs, and tables recall the modern style and forward-thinking nature that exemplified mid-century furniture and architecture in its naissance.

As this mid-century modern style grew in popularity, we rid ourselves of bulky and ornate furnishings in our homes in favor of more slim and subtle pieces that lent a softer, elegant tone to our rooms. With furniture that exhibited understated colors and organic materials, curves were often a perfect compliment to spotlight this drastic shift to a new, mellow aesthetic.

A Tulip-shaped base like that of the Four Hands’ Evans Dining Table or a softly-rounded triangular surface like that of their Warrington Nesting Coffee Table are both great examples of how curves can draw immediate attention to furniture by demonstrating modern style with a subdued grace. Curves also shine through in mid-century modern seating, like in the La Scala sofa by Natuzzi, with its bowed-in sides and bending back that draw out the  elaborate, tufted design of its cushions.

The contrast of curves with other angular elements in mid-century modern furniture creates a beautiful flow to any room that will be sure to make an inviting impression on anyone who enters. We’d love to show you some more examples of this beautiful detail in mid-century modern style — drop by our showroom today to find the beautifully curved furniture that fits perfectly in your home.