The Center of Entertainment


Entertain in Style

With the recent awards shows and focus on Hollywood, known as the world’s ‘Center of Entertainment,’ we started thinking about how BDI’s amazing products quite literally provide the center of entertainment to any living room.

It wasn’t long ago that TVs only had three channels, and viewers had to adhere to network schedules if we wanted to catch our favorite shows. Today, we can stream any content at any time from tablets, TVs, or smartphones, and we expect these products to be instantly compatible with our living room ― a space where we deserve to experience our entertainment of choice in the most comfortable way possible. Whether we’re watching our favorite sitcom, taking in an informative documentary, or poring over how-to videos on delicious recipes, our modern entertainment centers now serve as the hub to a vast array of video, audio, and text for our needs.

Because of these modern developments, we also deserve to have an entertainment center that suits the technical and functional needs of our devices. As modern architect Louis Sullivan famously said, “form follows function”, and BDI’s Entertainment Centers certainly follow this maxim. Each piece of BDI furniture is meticulously crafted to unlock the full potential of your entertainment devices, all with a sleek style.

From BDI’s perspective, it isn’t enough to provide high quality functionality ― they design their furniture to help complete the flair of your room as well. Each BDI entertainment Center is built with high-quality materials and perfectly synthesizes utility and aesthetic, modern beauty.

Come in to Hip Furniture to discover these built to last BDI Entertainment Centers. We can’t sing their praises enough, and we can’t wait to see you!