The Season to Blossom


Rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, regrowth… redecoration?

After a long winter that seemingly refused to quit, the winds of change are starting to usher in the springtime. Soon the streets of Portland will be filled with the fresh aroma of cherry blossoms and we’ll no longer have to shiver with our hands in our pockets as we wait for pad thai at the food carts. Spring in Portland means hikes in Forest Park, Saturday Market outings, and rooftop concerts at Revolution Hall, but what does it mean for your living space?

The annual tradition of spring cleaning is essential for many. Shaking out the dust of a long lingering winter and opening the windows to let your space breathe is great, but is it enough? As you go through your spring cleaning routine, pay attention to what else your living space needs to fulfill and inspire you year-round.

Maybe your space needs to match the vibrant colors happening outdoors? Do you feel that your living room portrays a sense of ‘living’ or merely existing? Does your home exude an inviting atmosphere? These are the questions that we help our customers with, every day. Whether you’re in need of modern furnishings, space-saving storage solutions, or accent pieces to bring some life to your space, we’ve got you covered!

Spring is a time of rebirth. It’s time for your living space to blossom!