Everything’s Coming Up Roses


The Rose Festival plays a large part in Portland’s title as the “Rose City”.

With millions of visitors arriving every year to attend, it’s one of the biggest events in the country, and it highlights our city’s extensive history with roses ― along with the larger plethora of reasons to live here, of course.

We were struck by the official rose of this year’s festival: The Sun Shower. This Floribunda’s pink trim and apricot-yellow petals exuded a vibrancy that immediately had us imagining it in our homes. With the Sun Shower’s ability to bloom the whole summer, it’s easy to imagine this bright flower lighting up any room and complimenting a host of mid-century modern furniture pieces for weeks to come.

Some of our inventory’s sleek summer aesthetic would beautifully compliment colorful roses like the Sun Shower. A bright vase of these flowers would sit perfectly on the surface of a River Oval coffee table with its elegant curvature and natural, river stone-like surface. The Lunas Sideboard also makes a perfect pairing with its dazzling gold guanacaste and richly styled high and lowlights coursing through the entirety of the piece’s body.

Of course, furniture doesn’t always have to serve as a surface when paired with the beauty of vibrant roses. The two-piece Nexus Modular sofa comes in a brilliant set of light colors that will bring the uplifting attitude of Portland’s summers in to your home, while the ornate pattern and fine wood of Gus*’s Pendleton Elk chair will pair perfectly with the warm vibes of spring’s plants and flowers.

Enjoy the rose festival this weekend! And if it inspires you, drop into our showroom for a beautiful selection of mid-century modern furniture that suits the vibes of Spring.