A Blank Canvas


Thoughts on Art & Furniture

Mid-century Modern furniture often serves as the focal point of a living space, but the layout and supplementary features around your furniture are often key in pulling out the most comfortable and soothing aesthetic from your room. The mid-century modern era was exemplified by clean, rigid lines, and gentle organic curves, but these features of your architecture and furniture don’t have to be typified in its accompanying art.

The art you choose to pair with this furniture can subtly compliment it, or even juxtapose your collection. Minimalist art with neutral tones and geometric patterns tend to flow easily with our furniture selection, while more boho-influenced art can add a dynamic pop to your walls that keeps a lively energy in your room.

We’re always intrigued by the personalized pairings that our customers find for their furniture. We were reminded of this by the Portland Museum of Art’s current rotating exhibit that features Seven beautiful paintings by prolific artist Daniel Hirst.

Photo Credit: Portland Art Museum

These pieces use the neo-impressionist style of pointillism to portray the vivid colors of cherry blossom trees. These images look abstracted as the separately-dotted dabs of color make up an immersive and natural scenery within each piece. We couldn’t help but imagine how these paintings, while based on a 19th century style, would pair perfectly in a room with pieces from our modern collection.  

We are always excited to help our customers choose furniture from our showroom as we get insight into their plans to decorate their entire living space. We can’t wait to hear about how your space will be transformed with beautiful furniture and beautiful art, so come into our showroom today and see which pieces will breathe a new, visually impactful life into your home.