Natuzzi Italia’s 30% Off Event


It’s time for Natuzzi Italia.

For nearly 60 years, Natuzzi has created the most lavish and comfortable furniture under the blue skies of Italy, and now through June 23rd, we’ll be offering their amazing pieces at a 30% discounted rate.

It’s mind blowing to think Pasquale Natuzzi, the 19-year-old son of a cabinet maker, started what would become Italy’s largest furniture house by opening a small, local shop in 1959. His business grew enough to produce this amazing hand-made furniture at an industrial rate, eventually building enough organizational infrastructure to ship the Natuzzi catalogue to the United States.

Our own collection of Natuzzi furniture includes some of the most comfortable and versatile couches and seating we have to offer, with customization options that allow these amazing pieces to perfectly suit the layout and style of your home. Between the detailed, custom options of upholstery style, colors, and sizes, we know you will find a Natuzzi couch, chair, or loveseat that compliments and brings a new relaxing feeling to any intimate space. View our spec sheets for any of these magnificent pieces to find your own perfect fit in size and price.

From the expertly crafted, classical style of the La Scalla, with its ornate and soft cushions, to the modern straight stitching and square surfaces of the Ido Sofa, our Natuzzi selection underscores the sheer variety of mid-century modern  masterpieces available from this infinitely creative furniture producer. Even smaller seating options like the metallic and minimalistic Cammeo or the elegant and cozy Golf Chair exhibit Natuzzi’s ability to suit any mid-century modern environment.

This limited time value of 30% off msrp serves as a great opportunity to get your custom item into production in June. Italian manufacturing takes a country-wide holiday beginning in August for a summer time rest, and time is needed to create your own, specially hand-crafted furniture. Be sure to stop into our showroom today to review some of these amazing Natuzzi pieces at an amazing rate while you still can.