Long Live the Chair!


Consider the Chair…

It may not seem obvious, but the choice of chairs in your living area can be a major influence in creating your own unique mid-century modern aesthetic. The sheer variety in century modern chairs allows for major variations in tone, even when pairing various types of seats with the same furniture.

Our range of brands provide an extensive selection of seating to suit any style you’d like to create in your home. Here are just a few pieces to choose from that demonstrate how diverse mid-century modern chairs can be.

Cammeo 2715 

This Natuzzi classic juxtaposes a simple but comfortable cushion with a sleek, swooping metal legs and back. It’s an incredible choice for lounging and can help foster a leisurely feel to your room, especially when combined with a fitting upholstery of your choice.

Holden Chair 

Four Hands’ Holden chair combines a bright toasted ash shell with oxidized iron legs to create a relaxing aesthetic and comfortably structured seat. The creme color of the upholstery combines with the lighter hues of its wood and metal form a more organic element for your room’s style.

Hilary Chair

With a high-arching back and angular legs, this beautiful Scandinavian piece exudes a soothing aesthetic that lends a relaxing seating option to any room. With unbroken, tailored piping along its arms and back, this unique seat is as elegant as it is comfortable.

Soren Chair 

Gus’s Soren Chair is a truly eye-drawing option that is defined by its geometric body and bold curves. With a raised base and thick cushioning, this formal chair can capture the attention of any room with its shape without proving too jarring due to its subtle colors.

It’s amazing that even in this short list of furnishings there exists such a range of mid-century modern style to suit various visual and practical needs. We know that Hip’s showroom carries an extensive variety of chair options to suit any style you’d like to foster in your home or place of business. Visit us this summer to check out our selection!