There’s No Place Like Home


A Hip-Inspired Staycation

It’s summer and our minds turn to rest, relaxation and vacation. But this year we’re having a hard time getting motivated to leave town, because the comforts of home are more comfortable than what’s waiting for us out on the road!

The best solution may be a Hip Staycation where you stay at home, turn off the phone and enjoy binge-watching the latest Netflix series from your luxurious new sofa…

…Grab a book and enjoy the page-turning excitement all the way to the last chapter in your favorite chair from Hip…

…or invite a few friends over for an evening of fine wine, fabulous food (delivered, of course!), and sparkling conversation around your exquisite mid-century modern dining table…

…and when the evening fades into night, your favorite bed awaits for a restful night of rejuvenation. 

We can’t guarantee that you’ll never want to leave home again, but when your home reflects your style with modern furniture made for living, you may think twice before planning a trip that takes you out of town.

Visit us at our NW Portland showroom and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect items to add comfort and style to your next Staycation!