Today’s Modern Office


The 15% Off BDI Office sale begins Thursday, August 29th

The demands of modern office work can be taxing, but having a comfortable and functional work space can play a big part in keeping you engaged and organized on a daily basis. Fortunately, the thoughtfully designed work furniture of BDI will help you feel like you’ve never left home while also providing you the storage, posture, and infrastructure you need to be productive on a daily basis. Starting August 29th, we’ll be offering 15% off BDI office furniture for our fellow Portland workers. Here is a snapshot of some of the incredible pieces you can fill your work space with. 

Terrace 1150 

This beautifully expansive table serves as a centerpiece that leaves your room looking elegantly inviting to visitors. However, it also doubles as deceptively efficient storage with a pinwheel design that offers space with a view of any items it holds. 

Corridor Credenza 6529

With an adjustable storage compartment and locking drawers that can be equipped with hanging folders, this versatile sideboard unit offers the complete utility for your organizational needs, while also providing the organic visual comfort of furniture you would keep at your home. 

Sequel Corner Desk 6019 

With an expansive surface area for you to spread your work over, this comprehensive desk piece also comes with your selection of storage cabinets, keeping all of your daily needs within an arm’s reach. Its black-etched glass finishing and wooden cabinets come together to give your office space a warm core. 

Kronos Lift Standing Desk

This sleek and efficient desk combines the room and storage you need with the movement you occasionally want after sitting in front of a monitor all day. Its electrical mobility makes it a standing desk when needed, and its mezzanine shelf keeps lends extra surface to keep your workspace clutter-free.

There are many other desks, cabinets, tables and seating from our 15% off BDI sale that will expand the personality and comfortability of your work space. With our help, you’ll make your office welcoming to clients and coworkers alike. Visit our showroom to explore the many possibilities of BDI at a great price!