Your Ottoman Empire

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Ottomans are such a common element in our living spaces, but we rarely think about the history of how this versatile seating option became such an essential part of our furniture set.

As its name suggests, the ottoman originated in the Ottoman Empire, and its original form didn’t quite exhibit the upholstery-covered exterior it does today. Whereas the modern, overstuffed ottoman is often paired with sofas and armchairs and offers extensive cushioning for relaxing, the ottoman actually began as a wooden platform in the middle of a room that was piled with cushioning. It eventually developed into sectional furniture that morphed around the walls and columns of a room before taking it’s modern iteration that we use today.

There’s now a diverse array of ottoman styles for various needs, and we’re excited to showcase some of these with a current summer sale by Gus*. Gus* currently is currently offering 20% off ottomans, sofas, sectionals, beds, and chairs, and with such a unique stock, we’re excited for you to explore the possibilities of their ottomans. Have a look at a few:


Trillium Stools

This cubic set comes in a variety of colors and can be reconfigured and reshaped to suit the needs of your space. With a design inspired by Ontario’s provincial flower, the Trillium Stools can serve as a beautifully symmetrical centerpiece.

Mimico Storage Ottoman 

This truly cabinet mixes form with function by mixing storage with comfortable and casual seating. Its side table offers even more utility, making it an aesthetic and utilitarian part of any room.

Sparrow Glider and Ottoman 

This pair exudes comfort with thick cushioning and a selection of light coloring that makes this combo a lounging masterpiece. Between it’s rocking motion, ergonomic form, and lumbar-supported stool, the sparrow is built for tranquility.

This brief list already highlights the variety of Gus*’s vision, and we’re excited to show you the other incredibly items they currently have on sale. Visit our showroom today, and see the many great offerings of the Gus* summer upholstery sale!