A Fall Feast


What’s Cooking?

Our mouths have been watering since exploring the lineup at last weekend’s Feast Portland food and drink festival. With such an extensive selection of food from Portland’s premier chefs and other visiting food and drink artists from around the country, it’s a reminder of the foodie culture that makes Portland and Oregon great.

And while it’s fantastic to enjoy the latest creations from the pros, it’s also fun to gather friends and expand our own culinary skills in the comfort of your own kitchen and dining room setting. That’s why we enjoy helping customers find the perfect set for their dining room.  At Hip, you can explore some of the most incredible dining pieces which will become the perfect backdrop to display your latest kitchen accomplishments.

Here are some of our favorite dining pieces from Calligaris, an exquisite Italian brand that has produced elegant, modern tables for over 90 years, forging contemporary design with artisanal style.

Tower Dining Table

This expansive table includes an extension mechanism that allows you to just as easily host a small group of people as you would a large party of 12. Combining chrome, glass and wood finishes in the order of your choosing, each Tower Dining Table is a uniquely striking piece in any home.

Etoile Dining Chair 

This sleek chair has a curved back and comfortably cushioned body to provide the support you need ― not matter what type of finishes you choose. From chrome and wooden legs to fabric and leather body styles, you’ll be able to select the perfect pairing of materials for your dining table.

Echo Dining Table 

With a sturdy pedestal base, this massive table offers spacious leg room for ten guests. Its monochromatic surface is available in a variety of materials including ceramic and marble, ensuring that it will serve as an eye-catching centerpiece for any dinner hosting.

We can’t wait to show you more of your dining set options. See you in our showroom soon, and feel free to bring a tasty sample of your latest culinary creation!