Hip Fall Favorites


As the rainy season sets over the Pacific Northwest…

Portland locals tend to find themselves indoors, occupied with cozier activities rather than outdoors, hiking and exploring what summer has to offer. Lush and comfortable couches and organic, wooden surfaces can play a huge part in making your Fall and Winter burrow a much more inviting space to spend extra hours under the roof of your home. Hip’s selection is equipped to provide the perfect utility and relaxing aesthetic you need for this time spent entertaining and snuggling up inside, away from the dreary outdoor elements.

We’ve put together a short list of some of these items that can give a little extra relief from the long rains ahead:

Parkdale Sofa by Gus* 

This sofa’s clean finish and structured look lend it a formality that is great for hosting, while it’s deceptively thick and softly cushioned body make it incredible for stretching out for a nap. With a variety of fabric and finish options, this sofa can fit the tone of any home or communal space.

Iago 2954 by Natuzzi 

Another sprawling and relaxing sofa that offers a variety of fabric options, this Natuzzi design is equipped with customized foot reclining that can be suited to your specific needs. It’s the perfect support for laying back with a book or watching your favorite movie with friends and family. With the option to choose a full sofa or a shorter loveseat, this uniquely comfortable piece can be suited to the size of your room.

Code 7379 bdi 

This handcrafted hardwood entertainment center offers a warmly organic take on a traditionally sterile piece of furniture. With it’s ample storage, shelving customization, and hidden wheels, this credenza presents a naturally inviting aesthetic to your room while providing ultimate utility.

Catalina Nesting Coffee Table by Four Hands 

With such a beautifully ornate surface and slender body, this copper-clad table offers a large surface area for indoors entertaining while maintaining the elegance of mid century modern style. When it comes time for rainy day activities like board games, this table’s multi-surfaced layers can be rearranged to suit any need.

These are just a few of our warmly inviting furniture and seating options that will light up your home during the darkening days of fall. Visit our showroom to see more of what we have in store for the seasons ahead!