Just for the Fun of It


Leaves Are Falling

As a child, remember when the arrival of Fall brought with it the fun and laughter of jumping in a pile of freshly-fallen leaves?  Pure joy. No apprehension.  Just the heartfelt enjoyment of the moment.

Today pure joy arrives in a different form. It’s the intersection of friendship and craftsmanship, where your style drives your decision making. It’s the inner confidence and wisdom of investing in furniture that not only appeals to your aesthetics, but is also built to last a lifetime.

The quality appeals to your rational side, but the lines, the curves, the look appeal to everything you want your furniture to say about you and the world around you.  I’m still unpredictable. I still have fun. And I can still invite my friends over to play in a pile of leaves!

At Hip Furniture, we understand the joy that the right piece of furniture can bring to your room and your heart every day.  We would love to hear about your wishes and preferences, and with our large selection of brands and custom options, our in-house design experts can suggest an amazing range of possibilities that’s sure to make you smile!

Stop by our Northwest Portland showroom to discover the latest designs and options that can bring a new sense of joy to your home.