Helena Bookcase

Choosing Your Starter Piece of Modern Furniture


Building Your Look

Starting your mid-century modern journey may seem like a daunting investment of time and money, but in our experience, it doesn’t have to be. You can gradually foster the style and comfort you want in your home without diving headfirst into complete overhauls or breaking your budget on entire furniture sets. 

You can easily begin the process of creating your personalized mid-Century Modern space with smaller purchases, nuanced additions, and stand-alone centerpieces that play a significant role in changing the tone of your room to your liking. At Hip, we focus on catering our ideas and suggestions to your needs, and this includes helping you customize orders and find affordable items to suit your home. 

Here are just a few examples from our inventory that can make a great start to your new, mid-century modern space, whether you are looking to add small incorporations or set an impression with one large piece that you can later build around. 

Large Starter Pieces That Make a Modern Statement 


Lunas Drum Coffee Table by Four Hands

Coffee tables can play a significant role in setting the tone of a living room or social area, and The Lunas Drum Coffee table by Four Hands is no exception. Its bold drum shape and sleek Guanacaste surface make it a distinguished but visually soothing main feature of any room. With a reasonable price, this table makes a great starter piece for your home or work space. 

Dee Dee by Dellarobbia 

With polished aluminum legs, subtle curves and refined edges, this sectional takes a refined approach to mid-century modern that will make your room visibly and physically more comfortable. With the option to customize its upholstering, this piece is adaptable to a variety of personalized styles. 

Helena Media Console 

When media is the focus of your room, controlling its placement can provide a great opportunity to shape the tone of your space. With the Helena Media Console, you can show a clearly modern style with its varied cubic compartments and organic pine panels that are interlaced with a black iron frame.  


Accents and smaller additions 

Poppy End Tables by Four Hands 

Sometimes accenting your room with smaller items is a better solution to building a mid-century space due to your budget or the size of your home. These end tables are a great example of smaller, affordable home additions that can change a room’s character. With maneuverability and multiple color options, these tables make a great-priced surface for smaller spaces and tight fits. 


Bess Low

Bess by Calligaris 

Mix up your seating to lend a subtle change to your living space that your guests will actually get to use. The contemporary style of these Bess chairs is unmistakable; their comfortable curved cushions float above metal frames to create a beautifully functional piece of furniture. 

Asterix Ladder Shelf by EQ3

Storage can also prove affordable while lending to the mid-century modern presence in your space. With the Asterix Ladder Shelf from EQ3, you can have an efficiently slim storage space, a sleek modern furniture piece, and an inexpensive purchase all in one.


By helping you pinpoint the furniture options that balance your price range with your practical needs and style, we can help you to build a modern look for your home at Hip. Drop in today to and we’ll help you find and customize the mid-century modern furniture options that fit your needs!