Embrace the Power of Red


Red Makes a Statement

Looking to make a bold statement in a living space? You can infuse a room with energy and power just by introducing the color red into your design.  Red is the color of passion, energy and action. It is a warm color that exudes a sense of ambition and determination. But be careful, red can change the way we act and react to those around us.

Red can give confidence to those who are shy and will-power to those who need strength. It is also the color of passion and can stimulate our feelings toward love on the positive side or anger on the negative.  Red can be assertive and aggressive – which may explain why so many sports cars are red!

In your room, red is attention-getting. It demands that you stop and take notice – like a traffic light or stop sign. Research has confirmed that perceived physical attractiveness is greater when a person is wearing red.  The same can be true when you add a splash of red to your environment, whether it’s a centerpiece sofa, or an accompanying chair, stool or decorative item.

The beautiful part of red is that it also comes in many variations of color. Maroon is slightly softer than burgundy and presents more control and thoughtfulness.  Burgundy is more sophisticated and less energetic than true red. Crimson has a little blue in it and suggests determination to succeed without upsetting others. And Scarlet adds a touch of orange, bringing brightness, enthusiasm, and a love of life through color.

At Hip, we have a wide variety of red items available, both as custom orders or off the showroom floor.  Our friendly staff would love to talk with you, and help you discover the perfect color to fit your every need.