Funky vs Functional


Your room should reflect your style. There is a line between Funky and Functional.

With so many different approaches to mid-century modern furniture design, it’s amazing to watch brands continually create the most abstract and awe-inspiring pieces that still reliably serve their ultimate functions. With seating and surfaces that could be just as at home in a museum as in your living room, we continually stock items that exemplify the experimental and engrossing nature of mid-century modern furniture  ― without sacrificing utility. 

Your living or work space should reflect your style, and you don’t have to give up functionality to accomplish this goal. This is why we’ve collected a list of some of our favorite funky items from our collection to showcase the most conceptual and functional designs in today’s mid-century modern cosmos. 

This media center is a great example of a bold eye-catcher that offers complete utility for its owner. The dense, cubic patterns are finished with oak, pine, and other natural wood to lend a warm hue to the intensely decorated design. Additionally, its mesmerizing doors contain four deep compartments with easily accessible cutouts for cord management.

Between it’s antique brass body, geometric patterns, and tempered glass surface, this coffee table is a vivid centerpiece with an abundance of surface area. While not as bold as some of these other items, it will be sure to draw the eyes of visitors while serving as a perfect concentration for gatherings.

Elegant, yet impossible to miss ― this truly unique seating option will light up your room while providing exceptional comfort for lounging. With a variety of fabric and leather options, it’s unique form can fit a diversity of home settings.

Another chair that will leave visitors stopping in their tracks, this soft and plush seat is the perfect living room chair for reading. With a litany of customization options and the ability to swivel into the angle of your choice, this piece is a perfect fit for all kinds of mid-century modern spaces.

When customers arrive at Hip, they zone in on eclectic items that light up our storefront. We love showing off how functional and efficient this furniture can be, so let us show you the best pieces that will breath personality into your space while providing the daily use that you need.