Frida Kahlo re-interpreted on display at hip.


Traveling and connecting with a Mexican artist Felipe Ferguz original art works. Viva and Friends. Two of Felipe’s works on display at hip.

We Recently flew to Mexico City this last October, our goal to experience the Day of the Dead in the town of Oaxaca..  But first we stopped off for a couple of nights for a favorite hotel called the Red Tree House.  It was located just outside the Mexico City center in a little neighborhood filled with old, shady trees interspersed with water fountains, people hanging out of small outdoor cafes, varying kinds of dogs being walked, and street entertainers.  The hotel itself was small and intimate with every detail created artfully and with great care.

The Red Tree House had some of the most amazing paintings and art objects placed throughout the hotel’s gardens and terraces and in every room. Our host Alejandro asked, “can we help plan something you’d like to do today?” We told Alejandro, that we loved the art in the hotel and especially a couple of the paintings in the hotel’s foyer..  One was of Freida and one was of Zapata., both powerful portraits.  “Well, we know this artist and I could possibly arrange for you to visit him in his studio.  Would that be something you would like to do?”  “That is exactly something we would like to do!”.

This young artist’s name was Felipe Ferguz.  Our driver picked us up and we meandered through different sections of Mexico City and arrived at a quiet neighbor full of color.  Felipe shared a 3 story small complex with a Dr and an Art Historian.  The outside walls were painted with different shades of hot pink and terra cotta contrasted by neon green shrubbery. Felipe’s works can also be seen on instagram here

Felipe’s studio Mexico City.