We need to show you something. Something with breadth, quality & fabulous design. Italian furniture. Furniture that will last + our summer dining sale going on now!


15% savings will cut through any concept of inflation. SAVE 15% ON ALL DINING NOW THROUGH JUNE 19. Today’s focus: BONTEMPI (our newest addition to our Italian suppliers). All our suppliers are participating however. Calligaris, Natuzzi, Gus Modern, Four Hands and Urbia are all on sale. You’ll want to check out the event if you are hoping to change your in-home dining experience this fall.

We have a number of new design ideas on display in our showroom. Bontempi is of particular interest during our summer dining event. We have limited product details on hippdx.com, so we directed you to this blog to give a view into the design aesthetics and depth of offerings by Bontempi. Showing the full depth of Bontempi is best in person with one of our design staff. There are virtually thousands of possible configurations. Table leg finishes, designs, shapes, top dimensions, and functionality, ie extending and fixed. In addition to tables, the possible configurations continues throughout the entire line from cabinets & seating, to beds and shelving. 

Take a moment to browse through some of our favorites below and be sure to schedule some time with one of our associates, trained to guide you to a perfect solution.   


One of the key concepts in selecting new furniture undoubtedly involves the available space: In modern environments, comfort, functionality and style must always follow a specific logic. Having a full spectrum of options allows the process to easily move forward, resulting in the best outcomes available. 


When deciding to furnish your living space, Bontempi offers many choices, none to be underestimated, all considered the best in quality, workmanship and design. When it comes to tables and chairs Bontempi raises the bar on Italian dining furniture.
Just one example of Bontempi’s options: Inis has 38 frame options and 32 seat fabrics. When you select furniture that will last a lifetime, being able to choose furniture that fulfills your expectations, is exactly what you need to complete the process and makes a big difference in the final and result.
We think “prolific” is a word aptly fitting to describe the breadth of Bontempi. 50 fixed table designs, 32 extendable, 29 contract grade, 3 consoles and 12 outdoor tables scratch the surface of available options. The Bontempi group has been very busy, creating some of the best in Italian designed furniture. We’re honored to be representing their work.
Want more? Take a look here at Bontempi’s full line and then give our sales staff a call or come in to get some one on one assistance with options. https://www.bontempi.it/it_en/ 503.225.5017